Version-Control and Hosting
for Your Configuration Files.

If you write code

Move global variables and configurations from your code repository into a dropconfig, and you can now update them without deploying your code.

With values-only editing mode or form-UI, anyone on your team can update and publish configurations. You can be sure that JSON is valid, and schema is intact.

If you are a non-technical contributor

Change application settings using a friendly dynamic UI, instead of working with the code and asking developer to deploy new versions of the application every day.

Delegate configuration changes to other team-members and see the detailed history of updates.

How it works
Using our web-editor you create a dropconfig file. In this new file, you put JSON with settings or content, which you want to be avaialble for easy modification.
You publish it with a single click of a button. Your dropconfig is now accessible through fast and reliable global CDN in several formats.
From your application, you consume the dropconfig with a single HTTP-request. The access URL for your dropconfig remains the same between publications.
Invite your team-mates to collaborate. Let non-technical collegues contribute using form-UI.

As easy as vanilla ES6 pull:

.then(r => r.json())
.then(config => {/*your code*/})
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Control how your application works using feature-flags stored in a dropconfig.

Roll back changes with a push of a button by re-publsihing an older version of the dropconfig. Even from your phone.

Language translations

Store and manage translation-strings for your app in a dropconfig. Or several dropconfigs: one for each language.

Share a dropconfig with a translator for data-only editing. Be sure all the tokens remain unchanged and JSON is valid.

Temporary announcements

Is your app mostly static, but you want to display announcements? Or update the changelog? Or change the year in a copyright statement?

Instead of CMS, or Firebase - just use Dropconfig. Dropconfig can be your mini-CMS when real database is an overkill.

Remotely configure a cron-job

Do you have a batch-script and someone else runs it. May be it's Travis-CI, or cron-daemon.

Populate your environmental variables from a dropconfig:

eval $(curl -s🔑.json.env)

Control embedded devices

Coding Arduino or Raspberry Pi?

If your device can make HTTP-requests, you can dynamically control it with Dropconfig.

"I have one Dropconfig repo for every app I build"

-- Dzmitry Pletnikau,

"With Dropconfig, I reconfigure my apps from the phone"

-- Clay Murray, Shukai Inc.

How is DropConfig different from Github's Gist?

  • Gists don't support collaboration. Dropconfigs do.
  • Gists don't have permanent access URLs. Each dropconfig has unique permanent URL, where it is published to.
  • With Dropconfigs, only published revision is accessible to consumers. With Gist, full history of updates is visible to everyone.
  • Unlike Gist, Dropconfig differentiates between saving the revision and publishing it.
  • Dropconfigs are faster than Gists and have no rate-limits.
  • With Gist, you have to edit raw files. Dropconfig has form-UI.

Why should I create an account if I can create dropconfigs anonymously and keep bookmarking them?

  • With a Dropconfig account you can organize your configurations into repositories and organizations.
  • Dropconfigs belonging to organization support multiple levels of access:
    • full/raw mode for developers
    • values-only editing for non-technical contributors
    • read-only
  • Access can be controlled on the organization level, or repository level, or document level.

How is Dropconfig different from Firebase?

  • Dropconfig allows to see the history and authorship of changes.
  • Dropconfig is fast and requires no libraries to access, because a published dropconfig is a static file distributed globally via CDN.
  • With Dropconfig, one person can make an update, and later another person can review and publish it.
  • For non-technical users, Dropconfig offers form-UI, guaranteeing that configuration remains well-formed.

Can I cache a dropconfig if I use it on server-side and 50ms latency is too slow for me?

  • Yes.
  • We suggest you subscribe to a publication-complete webhook to receive notification when config changes and when you need to invalidate the cache.

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